We will deliver the bike to the hotel. If you have a bicycle you can spend here freely like a resident in Tokyo.
  Please reserve your bicycle by noon three days in advance.[Japan time] Delivery will be completed early in the morning of the reservation date. at your hotel early the next morning.

In Japan, there is a delivery service called "DEMAE" from long long ago.

Yes, we also deliver the bicycle to you.

If you wake up at the hotel, it will already have been delivered !

Tokyo is a city where contains various stories, humans, goods, culture, arts are compactly compressed.

The speed of the bike is very suitable for observing them in close proximity.

Please enjoy leisurely ride in TOKYO.

 It is the Symple Step !  
1-  Reserve your bike online
2- We have it deliver to your hotel .
3- Enjoy explore Tokyo !
4- We have it collect again.

We have delivery experience in various Popular hotels in Tokyo. For example...

Park Hotel Tokyo [Shiodome]

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel [Shibuya]

Hotel New Otani Tokyo the Main [Akasaka]

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo[Shinjuku]

Palace Hotel Tokyo[Marunouchi]

The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome [Shiodome]

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo [Shiba]

Grand hyatt tokyo[Roppongi]

Park Hyatt Tokyo [Shinjuku]

intercontinental Tokyo [Akasaka]

Hilton Tokyo [Shinjuku]

Royal Park Hotel[Hakozaki]

...And Others.


After your form has been submitted, we will send you the quote and invoice by e-mail, so please make your payment via PAYPAL.

■ Cancellations, if submitted by 20:00 on the day before, will be accepted, free of charge. Please send a cancellation form for your cancellation.

■ 100% cancellation fee will be charged on any cancellation submitted on the same day your rental has been scheduled.

■ However, exception is made for rainy days. If it is raining in Tokyo at 8:00 am on the day of your rental, we will accept your cancellation then without charging cancellation fee. (If you wish to rent even when it is raining, rain gear is available, free of charge.)

■ When you have returned the bicycle, we will promptly return your deposit to your PAYPAL account.

■ If you could not be confirmed returned to the scheduled date and the report to the judicial police of Japan.

■ Check on the personal information protection policy, please approval to the paragraphs above.

■ If you have damaged your rental bicycle for which your deposit is insufficient pay, we will bill you separately.

■ Rental extensions must be paid for in advance.

■ If you have failed to return the bicycle on the scheduled date, we would report you to the judicial police of Japan.

■ Please check the Personal Information Protection Policy. Thereafter, please indicate your consent to the paragraphs given above.
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